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If You Ever Come Back - The Script

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Bring on the #3 tour :) Lauren x

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Bring on the #3 tour :) Lauren x

My thoughts on Hall Of Fame

When I heard was collaborating on the song at first I really wasn’t sure but then I thought back on songs like Where Is The Love that the Peas did with Justin Timberlake and I got hopeful. I wasn’t disappointed.

Yes, it’s true if I had the choice then Mark would be doing it like it was originally intended but I don’t think Will brings the song down in any way.

I know there are some fans who aren’t as keen on Hall Of Fame as some of the previous material and you know what that’s fine. You’re not obligated to love everything you hear just because you’re a fan. It’s a matter of personal opinion, you either like or you don’t.

In my opinion I love the new sound, the hip hop edge. It’s something new, something fresh and it’s exciting knowing we aren’t going to get a carbon copy of the last two albums. 

Even with the changes it’s still distinctly “The Script”. If Hall Of Fame came on the radio etc and you had never heard it before you would know the second it started that it was The Script without a shadow of a doubt. How many bands can you say that about these days? A handful at the most.

I look at this way. The Script are still on the same journey they started when they released the 1st album back in 2008. It’s their own journey to the “Hall Of Fame”. They are the driving force behind the music which is what’s going to get them to where they want to go. With the 1st album they set out on their mission and got a UK no.1 album. With Science and Faith they changed directions but were still heading to the same place and again got a UK no.1 album. With #3 they are still on that exact same journey and are just changing the direction once more. The band are the same, the foundation of the music is exactly the same. It’s just taking them down different avenues.

Whether you love Hall Of Fame or not is up to you but for me if the rest of the album has this new vibe to it then I will be more than happy. 

The guys have worked so hard on this record, and as we all know they are perfectionists. They know what they are doing and I trust that. Their songs past, present and future will always be from the heart and soul. Music that can relate to everyone in different ways and music that makes you want to get up and better yourself. 

In The Script I TRUST

The Script ft. - Hall Of Fame (Preview) HQ

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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